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Your clutch is an essential part of your vehicle. Most vehicles will require a clutch replacement at some point during their lifetime, either through a mechanical fault or simply just worn out due to high mileage.

It isn’t always easy to know if your clutch needs changing, there are however a few things to look out for:-

Batteries and Alternators

We offer a battery testing service, either at your home, place of work, or our workshop. Keeping your battery in tip-top condition is critical to the reliability of your vehicle. Don’t be let down by your vehicle when you need it most. Let us check it for you. And if you need a new battery, we can supply that too. Quality batteries at competitive prices fitted free of charge.

Alternators supply power to the battery of your vehicle. Modern vehicles depend on the battery to keep the engine running, therefore the alternator is another important component of your car or van. The first sign of a failing alternator is normally noise, either from the unit itself of the wheel, or pulley, attached to it. The screeching noise is normally associated with a loose belt attached to the wheel, or pulley. Other signs are dimming electrics, or loss of lights, the vehicle cutting out and/or heavy steering.

Wheel Alignment

Wheel alignment, or tracking, is important to maintain good road grip and prevent premature tyre wear. Alignment can be affected by potholes, kerbs or bad roads. If your vehicle pulls to the left or right, or the steering wheel isn’t central, then it could be your wheel alignment. It is possible however to have no obvious symptoms other than increased and/or irregular tyre wear. If you’re in any doubt, just pop along and we’ll check it out for you.

Air Conditioning

Make sure your air-conditioning system is up to speed with a complete service at Isis. We can test and service your air-conditioning system to make sure it’s working at the optimum level for your vehicle.

It is recommended that your vehicle’s air-conditioning system be recharged at least once every 2 years
– It’s not uncommon for this to be missed as it isn’t part of a general service. If your vehicle is over 2 years old, it’ll more than likely need an air-conditioning recharge now.

Our air-conditioning service costs £50 + VAT

This includes

We also offer an anti-bacterial clean to sanitise and deodorise any unwanted smells or bacteria that builds up in your system. This service is an additional £20 + VAT.