Need new tyres, or worried about your tyre or tyre pressure?

Just bring your car in and we’ll check them over for you. We stock a wide range of tyres in the type, size and brand to suit every budget. If the tyre you desire is not in stock we’ll be happy to order it in for you. If you get a puncture or a flat tyre, we either repair it or fit a new one whilst you wait.

Tyre Maintenance

Tyre Pressure

You need to check your tyre pressures regularly to ensure they meet the required recommendations. Tyre pressure depends on the load of the vehicle, the weather conditions and the length of your journeys. If your tyre pressures are incorrect it can cause the car to pull to one side, excessive tyre wear and lower your fuel economy.

Tyre Condition

Tyres should be frequently checked for bulges, cracks and cuts. Any of these can result in a blow-out which can obviously be very dangerous at high speed. Don’t leave a tyre check until your MOT or next service. Faulty tyres, old tyres, bumping up and down kerbs, tracking, over inflation or under inflation can all cause damage to tyres.

Tread Depth

The legal limit for minimum depth of the tread on your tyres is 1.6 millimetres, across the central ¾ of the tread around the complete circumference of the tyre. Your tyres are the only contact you have with the road. Anything less than 1.6mm can put you and any passengers at serious risk. Illegal tyres will also earn you 3 points per tyre on your driving license and a fine.